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Scores Cup 2020
Gillette Stadium


By the time they reach 6th grade, children born into poverty have likely spent 6,000 fewer hours learning than middle class children.
(The After-School Corporation, 2013)
By 6th grade, children born into povery are likely to experience 3,060 fewer hours of after-school & extracurricular activities than middle class peers
(The After-School Corporation, 2013)
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#Haiku are the perfect poetry form for Twitter--short, sweet, and under 280 characters! Learn how to write a haiku with our coach Kieran in this video and share your poem as a reply!
#StayHome #StayActive
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Our virtual program is LIVE! Curious what is on this week? Check our Facebook page!
#StayHome #StayActive
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We're excited! Working remotely has unleashed our most creative ideas on how to relieve our students from their isolation while schools are closed. Starting Monday, we will launch our virtual program here and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned and get ready to join our students! BostonScores photo

Thanks for the template!
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David Walker @1DaveyWalker
If any of your kids are missing the football, get em to design a kit, just save the pics below print them off and your ready to go. Would love to see your ideas @hummel1923

Community is what we are all about. In times of social isolation, when we can't meet, play & laugh with others, youth need us more than ever. Please share our Call to Address Youth Isolation & raise awareness for this important cause. #loneliness #pandemic BostonScores photo

They’re finally here and make us so excited for returning to the soccer field: The new high school jerseys sponsored by @hummelUSA! Watch the jersey reveal and tell us what you think! #soccer #highschool
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