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By the time they reach 6th grade, children born into poverty have likely spent 6,000 fewer hours learning than middle class children.
(The After-School Corporation, 2013)
By 6th grade, children born into povery are likely to experience 3,060 fewer hours of after-school & extracurricular activities than middle class peers
(The After-School Corporation, 2013)
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Thank you to everyone around the country who joined us for #scorescelebration and for helping us #empower tomorrow’s leaders! Enjoy the rest of your night and please consider making a donation at to support #Boston students. #scorescelebration BostonScores photo

“Thank you to the volunteers, coaches, and supporters like you who are here tonight and at other events supporting this program who make it possible to change the lives of students in Boston.” - David & Nicole Chang, Winners of the 2020 #scorescelebration Leadership Award BostonScores photo

“This is a time when we need strong leaders to fix our nation. But first, they needs us to be there for them and give them the tools, support and affirmation that young people will need to tackle today’s challenges and be our leaders.” says @JessJTang at #scorescelebration

“I know that this is a new form of protest and activism that will transform old attitudes and have the way for a more just, more welcoming, and more inclusive society for all. And we are here to help them.” says @JessJTang at #scorescelebration about #EmpoweringTomorrowsLeaders

“The way that Boston Scores helps students become #Leaders is by giving them different paths and tools to do so both on the field at practices as well as in the classroom” says Norman Jimenez, Boston Scores coach at #scorescelebration. #EmpoweringTomorrowsLeaders BostonScores photo
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