Boston Scores partners with the Boston Public School teachers, our “Coach-Mentors”, to provide urban youth in grades K-12 with after-school soccer & enrichment programs.

Students typically participate 5 days per week, including 2 days of girls and boys soccer practices, 2 days of enrichment classes (poetry or civic leadership) and a soccer game day in which teams are transported to play other BPS schools.

When students enter high school, our enrichment programs add in college and job readiness workshops.

Boston Scores is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization and an affiliate of America SCORES.


To provide urban youth with team-based education programs that promote health and well-being, academic engagement, and civic leadership.


For all youth to unlock their full potential – body, mind, and soul.


  • Elementary School: Power of Poetry (fall) &  Writing For the Community Service-Learning (spring)
  • Middle School: One Hen social entrepreneurship program (entire year)
  • High School: Students choose from a menu of academic and civic engagement options. All students participate in a series of college access and college readiness workshops/activities.


  • Elementary School: United States Soccer Foundation Soccer For Success curriculum 
  • Middle School:
    United States Soccer Foundation Soccer For Success curriculum 
  • High School: 
    Our boys & girls high school teams train weekly in fall and spring and compete in Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league competition. Futsal is offered indoors during the winter.


Keeping Kids Safe:

  • 21 percent of Massachusetts K-12 youth are entirely unsupervised in the afternoon (Afterschool Alliance, 2006).
  • Youth who are not enrolled in after-school programs during these hours are 50 percent more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, 3 times more likely to skip classes, and 5 times more likely to be “D” students (Afterschool Alliance, 2007).
  • Boston Scores keeps Boston youth safe and supervised during the high-risk after-school hours, and helps them develop the vital life skills they need to succeed in the future.

Promoting Health:

  • In communities in Massachusetts, the childhood obesity rate is 35 percent (Mass. Health Policy Forum, 2008).
  • Children are also not getting the exercise they need.  The students attending Boston schools with Boston Scores programs attend physical education class only 45 minutes each week in elementary school, and 115 minutes per week in middle school (Boston Globe, 2009).
  • Students in our programs exceed the recommended physical activity levels.

Improving Literacy:

  • On the 2009 statewide MCAS exam, 70 percent of BPS students in 3rd grade, 69 percent in 4th grade, 63 percent in 5th grade, 57 percent in 6th grade, 52 percent in 7th grade, and 41 percent in 8th grade had scores “in need of improvement” or lower in English Language Arts (Mass. Dept. of Education, 2009).
  • Students in our programs show across-the-board improvement of their writing.


Fostering Community Leadership:

  • Youth who volunteer in their communities are more likely to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, succeed in school, graduate from high school, and vote (Afterschool Alliance, 2004).
  • They are 50 percent more likely to say that they will probably graduate from college, and two times as likely to discuss world affairs with adults (Corporation for National & Community Service, 2007).
  • Students in our programs give back to their communities through experiential service projects and donation of profits from their team-based social entrepreneurship ventures.
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