What is Boston Moves?

Boston Moves is a fitness challenge which ran from June through August, 2020. Fifteen teams competed with each other in the categories of most active minutes per week and most funds raised. Thank you to our 14 teams and ~100 individual participants that got moving in support of Boston Scores! Boston Moves participants helped raise over $4,000 for the Boston Scores Fund: Supporting Boston Youth during COVID-19! Among them were the New England Revolution front office, Deloitte and Acadian Asset Management, as well as several groups of individuals. Members could join our Facebook group and motivate each other on social media using the hashtag #BostonMoves. 

Click here to download our one-pager about the program to learn more! If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date on the relaunch of the campaign in the summer of 2021 feel free to connect with our Event Coordinator, at danielle@bostonscores.org. Interested in getting your company involved or team involved? Check out our Corporate Engagement opportunities here or reach out directly to the Corporate Sponsorship Manager John Cunningham at johnc@bostonscores.org!

Join our Facebook group and stay connected with others on social media! #BostonMoves

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