In addition to playing on a soccer team, with practices throughout the week and one game day, elementary school students are taught how to read, interpret, write, and perform poetry through the Power of Poetry curriculum in the fall. During the spring, students engage in the Writing for the Community curriculum focusing on service learning. The program builds students’ confidence, academic engagement & teamwork skills.

How it Works

During the fall season, elementary school soccer programs are supplemented with poetry instruction using our award-winning Power of Poetry curriculum. Students use poetry to share their personal experiences, read literary works from diverse authors, and gear up for their performance at the Poetry Slam in front of a packed audience.  

During the spring season, students explore their communities and identify a cause or issue that they would like to change. They create an action plan and use the power of their words to address the issue and raise awareness with the help of our Writing for the Community curriculum.

After one year of programming, students know how to…

  • …use their agency and voices to solve social issues
  • …compose a variety of poem styles and poetic devices
  • …perform on stage in front of hundreds of spectators!

The program officially ends with a soccer tournament and service project presentations at the Jamboree. Find out more about the event and how to become involved here!

Our Results

  • 70% of program participants improve their attitude toward school
  • 80% of all participants improve their self-confidence  
  • 75% improve or maintain their fitness levels

“Boston Scores gives our elementary students the opportunity to be a part of a team, and they represent our school with pride…I see such positive growth in our kids that are afforded the opportunity to be a part of the Scores program. Students tend to stay involved once they join.”

Allison Smizer
School Counselor, Mario Umana Academy

How to Enroll

Our elementary school program operates at more than a dozen schools around the city and is open and free to students at Boston Public Schools. Find out here whether your school takes part and reach out to Program Coordinator, Molly Gurner at molly@bostonscores.org.

Slam 2019 Girl performing

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