The Hatch

The Hatch remains on hiatus as we update our social entrepreneurship and service-learning curriculum. 

During the 2024 spring season, our middle school sites will continue to engage with the One Hen social entrepreneurship curriculum. As part of their projects, they will collaborate with with a local videographer to film project videos that raise awareness about a social issue. 

Click below to watch the 2023 student project videos!

What is the One Hen program? 

One Hen is Boston Scores’ social entrepreneurship and service-learning program. Through this program, One Hen guides students through the basics of starting a micro-business. Students learn about loans, marketing, product development, and the important role businesses have in the community. Students then donate the profits from their businesses to address an identified social issue. This translates into improvements in students’ lives and improvements in the community as a whole! 

Ways to Get Involved

Sponsors help to make The Hatch into a celebration of our students and their hard work. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Boston Scores’ Corporate Sponsorship Manager John Cunningham

We also welcome volunteers at the event or to meet with the teams on an on-going basis throughout the semester to help support their projects. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form.

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