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Service Learning - Week 3

Thinking About Global Awareness & Causes

…is this week’s Service Learning theme. Coaches Gaby & Nelson help us think up some of the issues that face our local, national and global communities.

This week’s challenge: Imagine you were given money to create a product or start a business that could help fix an issue in your local community or even worldwide.¬† What cause would you choose? What product or service would you create to meet this need?

Click on the SHARE button above to share your cause with us and business idea with us.

We’ll post some of our favorite student ideas to Facebook and Instagram at the end of the week!

How does an inventor decide what to invent? How does a businesswoman know what business to open?

These entrepreneurs offer some advice on how to decide if your business idea is the right one for you.

Nelson Reyes Boston Scores
Coach Nelson

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