Program Impact

Boston Scores employs one of the most intensive data evaluation efforts in the city. Our program team includes a Data & Evaluation Manager who monitors program progress, analyzes our evaluation data and closes the feedback loop with our constituents to let them know how their input influences Scores’ programming. We are also part of the prestigious Wallace-Foundation funded Partnerships in Social-Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI), which provides us with comprehensive multi-part evaluation data from youth, teachers, and independent observers for our K-12 programs. Here are some of our results:


80% of students report a more positive attitude towards school

A positive attitude towards school is associated with greater school engagement, openness to learning, and an increased chance for school success.


70% of students improve or maintain their fitness levels

Physical activity strengthens the heart and muscles, and increases memory and brain function.


84% of students increase their self-confidence

Self-confidence is an important trait that helps students navigate life with a positive, assertive attitude and a belief that they can accomplish their goals.


82% of high school students feel better prepared to pursue higher education

Boston Scores' long-term goal is to position students for post-secondary success.

Student Testimonials

1,400 Students

150 Coaches

30 Schools

60+ Teams

How you can help

We wouldn’t be able to do this work without you. We always look for individual and corporate champions who would like to become part of our community as volunteers and supporters. Find out how your company can become involved and learn about our volunteer opportunities. You can also make a donation by clicking below!

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