Love To Play Campaign

Our $17.5 million comprehensive campaign launched in 2022 with a vision of building a world-class recreation and education campus to support our free soccer, poetry and service learning programs. 

Through a groundbreaking collaboration with the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, we will expand access across the city, deepen our program impact, and create a home for Boston Scores in East Boston.

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

Get Involved

Want to learn more or take a tour of our Salesian Heights project site in East Boston?

Connect with our Chief Development Officer Andy Crossley or Executive Director John Maconga:

To contribute, please visit our donation page and select “Love to Play Campaign” from the dropdown menu. Thank you!

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Campaign Overview

Campaign Progress


Project Photos

Campaign Donors

Thank you to the foundations, corporations and individuals who have supported our comprehensive campaign to date. 

Foundations and Corporations

Salesian Society

The Dante S. Stephensen Foundation

Cummings Foundation

Argus Construction Corp.

Margulies Perruzzi Architects

Warner Larson Landscape Architects

Masse Builders, LLC


Liberty Mutual Insurance

Salesian Boys & Girls Club of East Boston


MLS Players Association

U.S. Soccer Foundation

Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

Wellington Management Foundation

New Balance Foundation

The Podiatry Foundation

Salesian Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors

Boston Scores Board of Directors  


Individual Donors of $1,000+

The Pike Family

Robert & Diane Bruno

Bob & Missy Shay

The Petersen Family

David & Nicole Chang

Mike & Kathy Stack

Jennifer Flaherty

Kristen Goncalves Redden and Jon Redden

The Quagliaroli Family

Gilda Doria

Stephanie Herrera

Mark & Heather Flaherty

The Chabrier Family


Individual Donors of $1,000+ (continued)

Mary-Dixon & Tim Smith

The Jarrett Family 

The Kogan Family

The Bilello Family

The Grattan Family

The Comeau Family

Tim Syrett & Angela Brooks

Elizabeth Shea

The Burwick Family

Rose, Angel & Benny

Jane Hiscock & Marijean Lauzier

The Perkins Family

The DaCosta Family

Marc and Joanna Mantell

The Foscato Family

The Okoshi Family

Jim & Lisa Valone

The St. John Family

Megan & Greg Licameli

Kim & Gary Savage

The Panayotou Family

The Duckworth Family

Mark & Sarah Williamson

Tommy Welch & Karla Torres-Welch

Ryan & Erica Kaufman

Hope & Mike Pascucci

The Vuono Family

The McCann Family

Jennifer & Tom Levering

Perry & Robin Traquina

Tom & Stephanie Kushner

The Maxwell Family

The Broadbent Family Foundation

Stephen & Diana Antuna

Dori & Larry Mariasis

John Maconga & Marisa Mascaro

Vera Carducci


Campaign donors

Boston Scores Comprehensive Campaign Committee Members

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