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Poetry: Odes & Epistles

Week of May 25 – May 29: In honor of Memorial Day, this week we think about ways to celebrate and pay tribute to others through our poetry. Coach Ive and Coach Kieran introduce us to two Poetic Forms that are great for honoring others: the Ode and the Epistle.

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Poetry: Shape Poetry

Week of May 18 – May 22: This week Coach Kieran introduces us to Shape Poetry, also known as ‘Concrete Poetry’, a fun activity to combines writing, drawing and design. Grab a sheet of paper and your colored pencils for this one!

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Poetry: The Sonnet & The Volta

Week of May 11 – May 15: This week we look at the 14-line poetic form known as the Sonnet! Coach Kieran and Coach Ive also introduce us to the Volta, a poetic device used in sonnets to change the tone or theme of a poem.

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