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Poetry: The Sonnet & The Volta

Week of May 11 – May 15: This week we look at the 14-line poetic form known as the Sonnet! Coach Kieran and Coach Ive also introduce us to the Volta, a poetic device used in sonnets to change the tone or theme of a poem.

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Poetry: Fun With Erasure Poems

Week of April 27 – May 1: For this week’s Power of Poetry challenge, you’ll need a book, magazine or newspaper that you don’t mind drawing all over. And a couple of markers or dark pens. Coach Kieran show’s you have to create a super fun kind of poem called Erasure (or Blackout Poetry) using other people’s words and YOUR creativity!

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Poetry: Alliteration & Tongue Twisters

Week of April 20 – April 24: Who loves Tongue Twisters? Like ‘How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?’ Well, tongue twisters are actually part of a poetic technique called Alliteration that Coach Kieran helps us explore this week.

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