Jamboree & Blast

Jamboree & Blast celebrate the completion of the Boston Scores Program year with an end-of-season soccer tournament, service-learning project presentations, fun team activities, and food. Held independently of each other, the Jamboree brings together all the teams involved in our elementary school program while the Blast is for our middle school students.


Similar to Poetry Slam & The Pitch (see below), these culminating events provide the opportunity for students from different schools and neighborhoods to socialize, share their successes, and represent their schools through the Boston Scores Program.

2019 Jamboree: Saturday, June 8th, Pope John Paul II Park, Dorchester

2019 Blast: Tuesday, June 4th, Pope John Paul II Park, Dorchester & Thursday, June 6th, Ceylon Park, Dorchester

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Poetry Slam & Poetry Banquet

Poetry Slam

The 21st annual Boston Scores Slam is a night to celebrate our 480 elementary school poet-athletes. Performing for their friends, family, teachers, principals and special guests, each team astounds the audience with their poetry and team performances. Boston Scores poet-athletes have been perfecting their team performance throughout the fall while learning different ways to express themselves through creative writing. Passionate writing coaches guide students throughout the year and support students as they find their voice.

The Slam follows a theme that directs how poet-athletes and writing coaches craft their original works.  Past themes have included “Walk with me,” "Wouldn't it be nice (if)," and “Last night I dreamt.” The themes elicited strong and personal poems from our poet-athletes. This year will be no different with the theme of "Colors" with each of our 16 schools creating team poems based on a different color. 

The 2019 Slam takes place Thursday, November 7th from 5:30-7:30PM at the historic Strand Theatre in Dorchester.

Poetry Banquet

Our Poets' Banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of a select group of elementary poet-athletes nominated by their writing coaches and determine our annual Poet of the Year.


Out of 390 elementary school participants, only 26 are selected as Poet of the Year candidates. The poets are chosen not only for their writing and performance abilities but also for their commitment, leadership and love of poetry. Under the guidance of our writing coaches, poet-athletes attend multiple specialized writing workshops in preparation for their performance at the Poets Banquet. It takes months of dedicated work before the nominees step to the mic. 


Poet of the Year

Congratulations to Kaileigh R. from the Mather School, winner of our 2018 Poet-of-the-Year Award!


Kaileigh performed her poem "Wow" at our Poets' Banquet held at the Non-Profit Center in downtown Boston on February 23rd, 2019.

Students from 14 Boston public elementary schools performed at the event, along with students from America SCORES New York.

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Boston Scores is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization and an affiliate of America SCORES.