In addition to playing on a soccer team, with practices throughout the week and one game day, our coaches teach middle school students about social entrepreneurship through the One Hen Program. Students learn about social entrepreneurship and shape their awareness of social causes in their communities. After their classroom lessons, students transition to the soccer field.

How It Works

Scores Coach-Mentors guide students through the basics of starting a micro-business, which includes:

  • Building awareness about social causes in their community and how to address them
  • Teaching basic business skills like cost and revenue calculation, marketing, product development 
  • Helping students draft a business plan

At our annual shark-tank style event, The Pitch, students compete with other school teams to receive a micro-loan. With their seed funding in hand, they start their business, sell their products, and ultimately repay their loan. They then donate the proceeds to a non-profit organization of their choice.

The Pitch judges

What Students are Saying

“Before we took part in the program none of my teammates had a bank account. If they were working they’d just be cashing their checks. After we completed the program, we were more motivated to start saving for college. That’s also when I opened up a bank account so that I wouldn’t spend my money on unnecessary things. Once I went to college and had to buy stuff like books, I had my money saved in my account and could pay for these expenses.”

Jeff HS student
Jeff M.
Boston International High School
Boston Scores Service Learning One Hen

Our Results

  • 75% of program participants improve their attitude toward school.
  • 80% of all participants improve their self-confidence.  
  • 70% improve or maintain their fitness levels
  • Students’ propensity to give increases by ~15% as measured by our pre- and post- students surveys. Each middle school student team will donate around $100 to a cause of their choice.
Middle School students at The Pitch

How to Join as a Student

Our elementary school program operates at more than a dozen schools around the city and is open and free to students at Boston Public Schools. Find out here whether your school takes part and reach out to Middle School Enrichment Manager Gabrielle Uhomoibhi at gabrielle@bostonscores.org.


We love to incorporate guest speakers into our One Hen sessions. Speakers can work with students to explore product development, marketing plans, pitching ideas, philanthropy, and make other topics at the intersection of entrepreneurship and social enterprise. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with One Hen, please email Gabrielle Uhomoibhi, Middle School Enrichment Manager, gabrielle@bostonscores.org.

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