Program Overview

Boston Scores offers students enrolled at Boston Public Schools the opportunity to join and play on a soccer team and to take part in enrichment programs relevant to their grade level. On three days a week, they participate in soccer practice, and on two days a week, they participate in an enrichment program.

Scores also offers programming for preschool students  and programming over the summer break.

Our Model

Boston Scores has a three-step approach to youth development that has been proven successful and has been replicated in dozens of public school districts across the country.

  1. Create teams through the sport of soccer
  2. Bring these teams into the classroom for enrichment programs suited for their age and where they are in life
  3. Help students work together as a team to learn to use their voices to make positive change in their communities 

Teachable moments on the soccer field, in the classroom, and through community action are reinforced by coach-mentors, helping students to build social-emotional tools that they can apply in the classroom and beyond.

Why Soccer? Soccer is the foundation of all our programs. As a popular sport requiring minimal equipment, soccer is accessible to children regardless of economic status or physical characteristics. Soccer engages youth with their peers in vigorous activity and provides a platform for teaching fitness and nutrition. Youth who play soccer also acquire fundamental life skills like teamwork, leadership, and commitment. 

Why Poetry? Poetry is the enrichment focus of our elementary school program. Poetry transcends culture and language, develops creative thinking, promotes problem-solving, and instills public speaking skills. Writing and performing poetry gives youth an outlet to express emotionally charged experiences and can be a tool to inspire change. Creative writing also encourages a personal connection to literature, which deepens classroom engagement. Literacy skills are particularly important to a child’s educational development and have been shown to highly correlate with high school graduation rates.

Why Service Learning? Service learning is both part of our elementary school and middle school programs and instills in children a sense of compassion, social responsibility, and personal worth. It helps them understand problems in their community, allows them to explore innovative ways to address these problems, and empowers them to speak up and share their own voice.  

Why College and Career Readiness? Students lay the foundation for lifelong success during the pivotal years of high school. Career-readiness workshops (typically including networking, resume writing, and interview skills) and college finance expand students’ skill sets as they tour different colleges to gain an understanding of the application process. 

Want to get involved? Find out more about  volunteer opportunities or support Boston Scores with a donation!


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