Congratulations, Ayo!

Meet Ayotunde “Ayo” A., a 5th grader from the JFK School and our 2021 Poet of the Year! From Ayo himself: “You can become anything you aspire to be, even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It does not matter what others think. What matters is what you want to achieve. We can write and share our experiences and we can see the COVID-19 time as an opportunity to improve ourselves in everything we do. I don’t think the pandemic time will not last forever but focus and hard work will last very long.” Among the entries from 16 participating schools in our elementary school program, Ayo’s poem “Together We Stand” was truly outstanding. We hope he’s celebrating with his favorite food – pizza – and we hope you’ll celebrate with us by checking out his poem here!

Do you know about a World with peace, harmony and relief? Well, I do!

To make peace, harmony and relief, we must defeat Discrimination and make light from the darkness…

Together we stand

Every day I walk on the streets,

Fear and strife awakens.

My heart quickens,

Too much discrimination.

How can we stand as a Nation?

If we can’t bear our very own?

Discrimination! Why art thou?

Because of the race we are in;

The religion we practice;

Our gender or political affiliations;

The education we have or we do not have;

Our accent doesn’t define us.

I wonder, this is not in our genetics.

Like a raging MONSTER,

Division has crept in amongst us.

Ripping away our peace,

Taking our right to be and live in peace.

Chasing away the kindness

From our true existence.

Can you imagine our World filled with peace?

Putting our grievances in one piece.

Yes, I can!

Yes, we can!

Together, we need healing;

Healing in our bodies, healing in our spirits;

Healing in our broken hearts and within.

“How do we get there?” you ask

Together, we need Love

We need to love one another,

No matter the other.

Love with no boundaries or limit,

No matter the shades we are in.

Let us unite and fight this battle Together

Together looking unto a better future,

Our hearts yearn for succor.

For peace, we hope to see

Our hopes prepare to live

To that beautiful end will eventually be.

Together we live immortal, as true love keeps us forever.

Ayo A., JFK Elementary School

The role of poetry at Scores

Poetry has always been at the heart of Boston Scores’ identity and is the second cornerstone of our program besides soccer. We call the students we serve poet-athletes to recognize the holistic approach Boston Scores uses to celebrate each participant’s creative expression and physical activity. Learn more about our poetry program here!

Ways to support the program

Supporters are always welcome at Scores. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities at events like the Poetry Slam and other ways to become involved. You can also support students like Ayo by making a donation.

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