Poetry Slam

The Slam is the culminating event of Boston Scores’ fall Power of Poetry season for our 16 Elementary School teams.

More than 450 third, fourth and fifth grade students hone their team performances throughout the fall while learning different ways to express themselves through creative writing. At Slam, the students perform their compositions – as a team – in front of a packed house of 500 cheering supporters at Dorchester’s historic Strand Theatre. Watch student performances about the 2019 theme COLOR on our Youtube channel! 

Boston Scores Poetry Slam 2019

Poets’ Banquet

While the Slam is a team performance, Writing Coaches at every Scores partner school also select two students each year to perform an individual poem at our annual winter Poets’ Banquet. 

Students participate in one-on-one workshops with a dedicated writing coach over two months to prepare a single composition for performance at the Banquet and compete for the opportunity to become the next Poet of the Year!

Learn more about the elementary school program here or support the program here!

Want to get involved?

You can support in a variety of ways during the set up and registration, on the judges panel, as a part of the cheer squad and more. Contact Danielle Molloy, Development Associate, at danielle@bostonscores.org if you’re interested in volunteering at either event!

Congratulations to 2020 Poet-of-the-Year Jendayi B. of the Mather School

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