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Reflection - Week 4

Glows & Grows

This is our one of our absolute favorite Reflection exercises at Boston Scores. Our Coaches use Grows & Glows after practice, games, rehearsals and performances. And our staff use it after every special event for our students like our Jamboree or Blast tournaments.

It’s really simple.

After we try to do something important together as a team, every person tries to think of one Glow and one Grow. A Glow is something that went really well. A Grow is something we know we could do better with a little extra practice and attention.

For example, after a Poetry Slam rehearsal, a student might say: 

My Glow is that we all knew our lines really well.

My grow is that we didn’t step close enough to the microphone and coach said she couldn’t always hear us.”

Other Reflection Exercises

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