One Hen

In the spring, students complete service projects and serve as engaged community members. Elementary students engage in lessons that focus on research, community outreach, activism, and reflection. Through the program, students use writing as a tool to affect positive change for themselves and others. Service projects motivate students to consider their relationship to social issues such as poverty, access to healthcare & education, disaster relief, and climate change.  

As students progress towards high school graduation, they transition to our flagship service-learning program, One Hen Academy. [Read about our One Hen acquisition.] Through this program, SCORES guides students through the basics of starting a micro-business. Students learn about loans, marketing, product development, and the important role businesses have in the community. Students then donate the profits from their businesses to address an identified social issue.


Our One Hen Academy program is also offered year-round to local schools and globally via our online education platform.

Please also visit our One Hen social entrepreneurship website at!

[Service-Learning & Social Entrepreneurship]


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has an unemployment rate of more than 40%. Half of Haiti’s population is under the age of 18, and 30% of these children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before 6th grade. Children who do complete their schooling do so within an education system suffering from severe access and quality challenges. As such, each year, thousands of youth enter the workplace ill-equipped to fully engage as Haitian citizens and contribute to the society’s development. These challenges disproportionally affect children from low socio-economic groups and rural areas of Haiti.


The Help for Haiti / One Hen Partnership The Help for Haiti (H4H) and One Hen project brings workplace readiness and social entrepreneurship training to youth in both rural and urban Haitian communities. The project’s curriculum empowers youth with skills in financial literacy, social awareness, personal initiative and community giving, while its teacher training program equips educators with business knowledge and essential skills in youth empowerment and participatory teaching pedagogy.

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