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Service Learning - Week 10

Giving Back (Again)

We kicked off our Spring Service Learning way back in March by learning about giving back to our communities thru social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur creates a business (or multiple businesses) to address a social issue or cause in their community.

Over the past 10 weeks, we’ve learned about the basics of creating a business: from product development to marketing to keeping track of our revenues, costs and profits.

Our final challenge to you this spring is to circle back to where we start: the idea of giving back.  

Think about the cause that is most important to you. Now imagine that your business made a profit of $100 during the past 10 weeks that you can give back to a charity that works to address this issue. For example, if you choose fighting hunger as your cause, perhaps you would want to contribute a portion of your profits to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

So … what charity would you choose to give back to? How would you research this charity to make sure they are the best one to share your profits with?

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