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Service: Coming Full Circle By Giving Back

Week of June 1 – June 5: We’ve arrived at Week 10 and the final lesson of our Spring 2020 at-home Service Learning Season! We started way back in Week 1 by looking at what it means to Give Back. Since then, we’ve thought about causes important to our community back and how we can address those challenges through social entrepreneurship. Now we come full circle and return to the idea of Giving Back – this time deciding on the charitable organizations that can benefit from the profits of our entrepreneurial activity.

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Service: Developing a Growth Mindset

Week of May 25 – May 29: This week at Boston Scores, Service Learning Coaches Gaby & Nelson talk about how to develop a Growth Mindset, a kind of super skill that helps young students and athletes appreciate the value of effort, practice and setbacks.

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Service: SMART Goal Setting

Week of May 18 – May 22: For this weeks at-home Service Learning session, Coach Gaby and Coach Nelson introduce us to the SMART Goal Setting method that many young entrepreneurs use to bring their ideas to life!

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