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Soccer: Putting It All Together

Week of June 1 – June 5: After 10 weeks, it’s our final at-home soccer practice of the Spring 2020 season! Coach Ethan and Coach Ever sign off (for now) with a new footwork drill that puts it all together, using all of the different parts of the foot we’ve worked on this spring to maneuver the ball in multiple directions.

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Ever Barrera Boston Scores

Soccer: Next Level Ball Control

Week of May 25 – May 29: We’ve worked on all sorts of footwork and ball control basics this spring. Now, with only two weeks left in our At-Home Soccer season, Coach Ethan and Coach Ever show you how to step up your ball control mastery with a more intricate and advanced soccer drill you can practice right in your own home.

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Soccer: Ball Maneuvering with the Inside of the Foot

Week of May 18 – May 22: Coach Ethan (English) and Coach Ever (Spanish) demonstrate this simple drill requiring a ball and two cones (or cans). Using the insides of both feet, practice moving forward and backward under control. This is a great exercise to develop mastery over the ball using a part of the foot that you may not usually dribble with.

Check out our coach demonstrations in the video and then feel free to send us your own training video at the link above!

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