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Service Learning - Week 1

Giving Back…

…is this week’s Service Learning theme. Coach Gaby introduces the concept of Social Entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur is someone who builds a business that seeks to address a problem in their local community or the wider world. 

What are some simple ways that we can give back to our community and our loved ones while schools are closed and we are isolated at home?  One place we can start is with a homemade greeting card, either hand-crafted or digital. Coach Gaby shows you the supplies you’ll need.  You can also check out more card-crafting videos below to spark your imagination!

After you’ve checked out the videos, try to make your own card for a loved one or a community member in need.  

Send us a picture of your card or a video of you making it by clicking the Upload Button above. We’ll post some of our favorites to Facebook and Instagram each week!

Extra Time: 5 Gift Card Lessons

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